Creative pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween decorations

Halloween parties are incomplete without pumpkin carving which is the most important trend of decorations nowadays. Having confusion for pumpkin carving ideas for the next Halloween party? Here you will find the solution of your confusion on deciding some pumpkin carving ideas.

From an extensive range of carving ideas, here I will discuss a few which you can use for your Halloween party. Jack o lantern is one of the popular forms of Halloween crafts in which light is put inside the carved pumpkin to look spectacular, attractive and it is the most common form of decoration for Halloween. It looks astounding and stunning as there is less light in the room. There remain a lot of jack o lantern ideas for Halloween where you can include different types of pumpkin carvings.

You can also draw scary faces in the pumpkin and make a hole by cutting it accordingly. Scary pumpkin can be shaped by drawing and then cutting a variety of scary faces on the pumpkin. When light is placed inside the scary pumpkin, it looks more beautiful than scary.

Most importantly, as Halloween is not only for adults you can create some Halloween crafts for children with pumpkin. One of the best ideas is making cartoon faces in the pumpkin and put a light inside. Last year while organizing a Halloween party at my house, I followed this idea which was mesmerizing not only for the adults but for the children as well. Minion pumpkin was one of the incised pumpkins which was a great deal of fun for them.

As all the carvings are not made on the same day of Halloween there remains an issue regarding its preservation. For the pumpkins to look fresh you can do the followings

  • After carving sink the pumpkin in water with 2 to 3 cups of bleaching powder.
  • The cut layers and the inside of the pumpkin can be coated with a thin layer of petroleum jelly
  • The pumpkin should be sprayed with a spray bottle mixed with bleaching powder.

A pumpkin stays unrotten for 5 to 10 days and you can do these things to look the pumpkin fresh.

On the other hand, if you do not get adequate time for pumpkin carving you can place an order to different professionals as it is a good business during Halloween. You just need to put instructions on how you want your decorations to be done. Finally, put the pumpkins in the decided places with light to decorate. Other preservation preparations will be done by them.

When I arranged the party I just made the minion pumpkin by myself and the rest was ordered in a shop near my house.

Moreover, for additional decorations in the house, different types of Halloween lights are found in the local market which gives Halloween essence or effect at the party. You can also order the additional decorative items from online which will save your time during the busy days of Halloween party preparations. So start planning to make your Halloween night and the party a significant one.