Top funny and scary Halloween movies

Halloween is not only confined in parties and makeups, but also the film industry has an effect on Halloween. It releases different horror movies keeping in mind this Halloween day. Film lovers wait for Halloween not only for parties but … Continued

Fun and Easy Witches’ Brew Halloween Cupcakes

The scary season Halloween which is full of adventure and love is incomplete without sweets. The ceramic cupcakes filled with the layer of cream and sugar add more colors to the celebration of Halloween. The candy is associated with Halloween … Continued

Terrifying Halloween makeup

‘No feeling is better than being sexy. It both fun and empowering.’ You can look good with expensive dresses but it is impossible to look adorable without makeup. Women always find a way to get the best makeover look but … Continued

Creative pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween decorations

Halloween parties are incomplete without pumpkin carving which is the most important trend of decorations nowadays. Having confusion for pumpkin carving ideas for the next Halloween party? Here you will find the solution of your confusion on deciding some pumpkin … Continued

Spooky Cookies

These cookies are so delicious! There’s plenty of chocolate chips in the cookies and it’s just a fantastic chocolate cookie. Plus the candy eyeballs are so much fun! It’s like the dark scary night sky with eye balls creeping a … Continued